Word Counter

Keep track of your word count and writing progress by using our Word Counter tool. Paste the text inside the toolbox and click Count.

About Word Counter Tool:

If you work with text and copywriting a lot, such as writers, students, bloggers, journalists, and anyone who needs to keep track of the number of words in their text, count the words, paragraphs, or even the characters in your documents, you want to use a Word Counter tool.

SmallWebTools Word Counter Tool is a free online tool that allows users to count the number of words, paragraphs, characters, and characters with spaces in any given text. Paste the text you want to count and the tool will do the rest.

How To Use SmallWebTools Word Counter?

The tool is easy to use for anyone, all you need to do is copy and paste the text document inside the toolbox and click Count. The tool will then count the Words, Characters, and Paragraphs in the text immediately. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Copy the text you want to count its words.
  2. Access the Word Counter tool from SmallWebTools.
  3. Paste the text inside the toolbox.
  4. Click Count and get your Words, Characters, and Paragraphs counted.

How SmallWebTools Word Counter Tool Works?

Our tool works by analyzing the text you input and counting the number of words, characters, and paragraphs based on spaces, and punctuation marks. By processing the text in this way, this tool provides users with valuable insights into the structure and complexity of their writing, which can be useful for improving readability and overall effectiveness.

What are The Benefits of Using a Word Counter Tool?

There are several benefits to using a word counter tool including:

  • Counting words manually can be time-consuming, especially when working with longer texts. A word counter tool can save time and effort by quickly generating word counts for large volumes of text.
  • A word counter tool provides an accurate word count, which can be especially useful when working on projects with word count requirements. For example, if your task is writing a 1500 words article, you don't want to waste your time writing more. So you keep track of your writing progress.
  • By using a word counter tool, you can get a better sense of the length and structure of your writing day by day.
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